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Meet your Trainers

With structured programs and guides that fit into your lifestyle, no matter what your goals - OWNU's got you covered. .

Hanna Öberg

I am Hanna, your fitness trainer, head coach, and the proud creator behind the OWNU App. I am 34 years old, living in the countryside of Gothenburg with my son, boyfriend, and our loyal dog.

My passion for gym workouts and fitness ignited in my early teenage years. I discovered the transformative power of self-discipline and the ability to strengthen one's body with the right approach and mindset. My fitness journey began with childhood football, evolving into a serious commitment to fitness in 2010. Achieving my license as a nutritionist in 2014, I've dedicated myself to the fitness world since 2016.

Through OWNU I get to share my passion and love for fitness and show women that no matter where you start, you have what it takes to reach your full potential and be the best you can be. OWNU also gives me the opportunity to show women that with the right plan, you can build your own routine suitable for your lifestyle.

You can expect hard work, sweat, and RESULTS from me and my guides. My guides are carefully programmed for optimal performance to reach muscle growth aligned with your nutrition hand in hand. You will understand the importance of self-discipline and pushing yourself beyond your limits while building confidence and the happiest version of yourself.

Molly Johnson

I am Molly Johnson. A lover of dance, weightlifting, and poetry. I live in the south of the UK, just 10 minutes from the beach. I fell in love with the gym after deciding to prioritise my body and my mental health after hitting a lower point in my life and I’ve never looked back. Training has been an big part of my life for the past 5 years, and the time has FLOWN!As a coach for over three years, I've had the chance to assist over 1000+ women to work on becoming their happiest, healthiest self, and it is my absolute DREAM to help as many people as I can to feel their best.OWNU gives me opportunity to help and reach more and more people and share with them my knowledge and also my passion for self love and self improvement. OWNU has such a strong belief in many of my core values which is why it is a perfect fit for me as a trainer.With my training and guides, you can expect FUN and growth, both physically and mentally. You will be pushing your strength, challenge your knowledge and learn how to keep showing up for yourself even if you have a busy schedule (just like me). I am here to empower and educate and I am always excited to have you joining in on my guides.

Johanna Modin

I’m Johanna - your high-intensity and certified pregnancy & postpartum expert trainer! I’m 31 years old, living in Stockholm & Marbella with my 1,5 year old daughter and boyfriend. I have a background in football since a very young age and I love a combined style of training with weightlifting and HIIT!For me it’s so important that you find a training form that you actually enjoy and I have really found my perfect mix that makes me happy. In the OWNU app you have my favourite workout styles: the HIIT guides series and my popular pregnant & postpartum guides. My guides are suitable for either training location, the gym or home. I’m with you all the way no matter goal you have!I want to help you become the fittest and happiest version of yourself!

Train with Hanna Öberg & achieve lasting results

  • Over 50+ training guides and workouts for all fitness levels

  • Personalised Home or Gym guide recommendations based on your goals and preferences

  • How-to videos, to give you confidence in the gym and to ensure perfect form

  • Access literally 100’s of recipes and “done-for-you” shopping lists - meal prepping never looked so easy



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Join thousands of women building consistency with OWNU

Train anywhere, anytime with the OWNU Workout Library

Explore a lifetime’s worth of workouts at your fingertips with upper, lower, full-body, abs, glutes, cardio and HIIT training available inside the OWNU App. Don’t always have enough time for a full workout? No worries. You’ll find workouts from 30-minute high-intensity intervals to 90-minute-long training sessions to choose from.


Explore a lifetime’s worth of workouts at your fingertips with upper, lower, full-body, abs, glutes, cardio and HIIT training available inside the OWNU App. Don’t always have enough time for a full workout? No worries. You’ll find workouts from 30-minute high-intensity intervals to 90-minute-long training sessions to choose from.


OWN your nutrition with confidence


OWN your nutrition with confidence

A balanced diet is key to fueling your body. Explore 500+ healthy recipes, so you never have to “guess” what healthy eating looks like again. Not confident in the kitchen? That’s okay! Each meal comes with step-by-step prep methods, ingredient lists and clear nutritional breakdowns so you can track your macros as you go.


Our OWNU members say it all...

Love love love.

I downloaded this in December and I see the results. And the app is just great!!! Customer service is fantastic!!!!!

Juliet Tejada

It's awesome.

I love everything Hanna does. And this is just another great thing from her. ❤Customer service is really friendly as well. A++

Bonnita Cazares

Love this app!

First workout app that’s actually worth the money!!! I’ve spent more on other influencers apps to never use them because the workouts and recipes were not just minimal; but also not enjoyable.


Had to come back

Tried another app that was cheaper and had some pre-loaded workouts, but had to come back to this app. It has been a huge guide of my fitness journey. I would absolutely recommend this app and the workouts in it - I have tried many app workout programs and this had been by far the best.


Your new gym bestie

I have used the app for a long time and love that there are so many different programs. Whether I want to build muscle or lose weight, there are different programs with different areas of focus. I also use it if I am on holiday etc. because there are so many good home programs. I love this app!!!


Really helpful app with lots of guides to choose from

I have been training with Hanna's plans for a month and have had lots of fun following the plan. Having the app and a plan helps a lot to stay consistent and motivated! You can track your reps and weight and can switch exercises to alternatives if a machine is not free at the moment :)


Great app

This app is by far my favorite. The guides are easy to use and every movement has a video. They are constantly updating the app with new features and programs. Hannah and her team and amazing.


I'm a personal trainer...

Amazing app! This app has programs for everyone. Home, gym, beginner, seasoned professionals, you name it. I am a personal trainer myself and have used this app for YEARS. takes the effort out of planning a program for yourself. Able to select your exact desired goals! A must.

Ashley Cummings

The only app you need

Actually not just training, but nutrition as well. Such a complete app. I’ve used plenty of training apps but this is the best one so far, love that I can track everything, photos of my progress, weights, reps. The nutrition just adds on as you have an incredible range of workouts to choose from. The fact that explains every workout in detailed is chefs kiss for me.

Jess Sonoda