Referral Scheme Terms & Conditions

These terms and conditions apply to any participant in the OWNU App Referral Scheme: 

  • “Commission” payment made in return for sales procured via a Referrer’s Referral Link. 
  • “Referrer”; “you”; “your” means you, as an OWNU Referrer.
  • “Referral Link” means the weblink you generate when you register as a Referrer.
  • “Referred Subscriber: a person who purchases a Product from the Company, via the Referral Link. 
  • “Referral Scheme” means our programme for promotion of our brand by individuals who register with us to receive Commission in return for sales made via their Referral Link.


To participate as a referrer in the OWNU Referral Scheme, you must;

  • be aged 18 or over; 
  • be an existing subscriber of the OWNU Mobile App; 
  • have signed up to the OWNU Referral Scheme via the OWNU Mobile App; and
  • received a unique referral link via the OWNU Mobile App.  

Referral Terms

By accessing or using the OWNU Referral Scheme, the Service, or any applications (including the mobile applications and Tapfiliate) made available by OWNU, however accessed, you agree to be bound by the following terms and conditions which consists of:

  • To become a Referrer, you shall sign-up to the Referral Scheme and generate a weblink (Referral Link) via the OWNU Mobile App/ 
  • The Referrer shall be paid Commission based on the first subscription price paid by a Referred Subscriber, using the Referral Link only. 
  • Each ‘click’ on this Referral link will be registered on your Referral Account using a cookie which is set on the user’s computer, and for each sale made through that link you will earn Commission at the rate set out within these T&Cs. We pay commission on the sale price of our products and no commission will be paid on any sales taxes paid by the customer.
  • No Mobile App trial shall be available to any Referred Subscriber. 
  • Any Referred Subscriber, who uses a Referral Link provided by a Referrer, shall receive a discount on the Mobile App Subscription price of; 
    • Monthly Subscriptions: 35% (equivalent to €5.00)
    • Quarterly Subscriptions: 28% (equivalent to €10.00)
    • Annual Subscriptions: 14% (equivalent to €15.00)
    • The discount offered via the Referral Scheme, to Referred Subscribers, cannot be used in conjunction with any other promotional offer. 
    • The discount offered via the Referral Scheme, to Referred Subscribers, cannot be used in conjunction with any other discount scheme including student discount. 
    • The Referrer confirms that the promotion of the Company Referral Links shall not cause the Referrer to be in breach any other third-party agreements
    • The Referrer shall not make any defamatory comments in relation to the brand 
    • The Referrer acknowledges that becoming a Referrer does not constitute a partnership between the Company and the Referrer and shall not claim to be in partnership, any employee or agent of the Company in any way whatsoever. 

    Commissions, Discount and Payments

    The Referrer shall sign up to the Referral Scheme and generate a weblink (Referral Link) via the OWNU Mobile App. 

    The Refferer shall create an account via the affiliate platform provided, in order to access their performance and manage payments.

    The Referrer shall be entitled to a payment for any purchase of a OWNU Mobile App subscription made via the Website, by any member of the public who uses, to procure the sale, the Referral Link, equivalent to;

    • Monthly Subscriptions: 35% (equivalent to €5.00)
    • Quarterly Subscriptions: 28% (equivalent to €10.00)
    • Annual Subscriptions: 14% (equivalent to €15.00)

    The Commission shall be paid on the amount paid by the customer on the initial subscription, no Commission shall be paid on the renewal of customer app subscription. Commission earned will be paid within each calendar quarter, for commissions earned within the prior quarter period. Commission shall be paid out only when the payment has been received by the Company, for the Mobile App subscription. 

    The Referrer hereby acknowledges and agrees that the Commission represents full and final consideration for the sales made as part of the Referral Scheme.

    The Referrer hereby confirms that he/she is liable for all tax due in respect of the Commission he/she receives in relation to the Referral Scheme, and shall indemnify the company and keep the company indemnified against any proceeding in respect of any non-payment by him/her in respect of any such tax.

    On termination of the Referral Scheme, the Referrer shall be paid relevant Commission in relation to sales made via the Referral Link before the termination date, no other payments shall be made to the Referrer after the termination date. 

    Commencement and Duration

    The Company retains the right to close the Referral Scheme at any time, without notice, from which no further Commission or discount shall be applied in relation to the sales made via the Referral Links. 

    The Company retains the right to Terminate any Referrer from the Referral Scheme, should they breach any terms stated within these Referral Scheme T&Cs

    Referrer Obligations

    The Referrer agrees to:

    • as a Referrer you shall always promote the Company in the best light;
    • bear all costs associated with your activity as a Referrer;
    • not promote your Referral Link using SPAM/unsolicited emails;
    • not make statements about the Company and Product which are untrue;
    • not make any pejorative statement relating to the Company, or the Mobile App in public, online (including on social media), to the press or elsewhere; 
    • perform the Services solely in accordance with the CAP advertising code, the Competition and Markets Authority's guidance on social media endorsements and all other applicable guidance and regulations, as updated from time to time;
    • remove any and all posts over which it has control at the request of the Company as soon as practicably possible;

    Company’s Obligations

    The Company warrants, represents and undertakes to the Referrer that:

    • provide Referrer with a URL (Referral Link)  in relation to the Referral Scheme
    • provide Referrer with a personal dashboard via the affiliate platform to manage and view performance and payments
    • it has, and shall maintain throughout the term of this agreement, product and public liability insurance against losses arising from any claims, actions or damages which may arise as a direct or indirect result of any use of the Products. 
    •  the Endorsed Products are, to the best of its knowledge, safe and fit for its intended use; and
    • it shall pay the Referrer the Commission owed in relation to sales procured via their Referral Link. 

     Privacy and Data Protection

    Please click here to view our Privacy and Cookies policy, which explains how we process any personal data you provide to us and how our Website uses cookies.

    Each party shall, at its own expense, ensure that it complies with the requirements of all legislation and regulatory requirements in force from time to time relating to the use of personal data, including (without limitation) any data protection legislation from time to time in force in the UK including the Data Protection Act 2018 and the General Data Protection Regulation ((EU) 2016/679) as retained in UK law. This clause is in addition to, and does not reduce, remove or replace, a party’s obligations arising from such requirements.